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Motorcycles more popular than ever. Are you street smart?

Motorcycles are more popular than ever. The number of motorcycles on the roads nationwide has nearly doubled in the last decade. In 1998, there were 3.8 million registered motorcycles, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. In 2007, the number of registered motorcycles soared to 7.1 million nationwide.

Unfortunately, more motorcycles means more accidents. In 1998, there were 2,294 fatal motorcycle accidents and more than 49,000 motorcycle injury accidents nationwide, according to the NHTSA. In 2007, there were 5,174 fatal crashes and more than 103,000 injuries nationwide. That’s more than double the number of fatalities and injuries in less than 10 years. And just recently, a 20-year-old Buffalo resident was killed when his motorcycle collided into the side of a bus.

Are you street smart? Are you conscious of motorcyclists when you’re on the road? Many people mistakenly blame motorcyclists for many of these accidents. Instead, many motorists are often to blame for these tragic events. Sometimes they don’t see a motorcycle. Or drivers mistakenly believe a motorcyclist is farther away than they actually are on the road.

Many New York State motorcyclists take safety courses to improve their skills on the road. New York also requires motorcyclists to wear a helmet at all times.

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Making sense of tenant injuries and landlord liability

You rent your apartment or home. One day, without warning, you slip and fall down the stairs because of a lose railing. Or maybe you hurt yourself on your snow-covered front doorstep. Or you literally break your neck falling from a ladder trying to fix something outside the landlord promised to do weeks ago. Who’s responsible? Who’s liable? Your landlord? Who will pay your medical bills? What about lost wages? What are your rights?

And what if you need accident at work compensation? Or you’re a guest at your friend’s rented apartment and you get injured? What should you do? Questions often lead to more questions in tenant injury cases.

Common household injuries cover a wide range, including head injuries and broken bones. In some cases, certain tenant injuries can be extremely severe, sometimes even resulting in someone’s accidental death.

Each state has unique liability laws. In New York, the landlord is required by law to safely maintain common areas for tenants. Landlords can often be held liable if authorities determine the landlord was negligent in maintaining the property.

Your lease could also play a big role in what happens. Some leases include liability exemption clauses. Often, an exemption clause only applies to the tenant. That is the law in New York State. That means a landlord can be held liable for injuries to a third party on the property, even if there is an exemption clause. But such laws vary in other states.

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