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Motorcycle accidents skyrocket in New York State. Are you safe?

What would you do if you were injured in a motorcycle accident? Sound far fetched? Sadly, motorcycle accidents are far too common. In the last decade, the number of fatal motorcycle accidents has more than doubled. In 1998, motorcycle accidents killed 2,294 people and injured more than 49,000 nationwide. In 2008, 5,290 died and more than 96,000 people were injured in motorcycle accidents.

Why the increase in motorcycle accidents? Experts have cited the recent rise in the number of motorcycles on the road. In 1998, there were 3.8 million motorcycles on the road. By 2008, that number had skyrocketed to 7.7 million motorcycles. But there may be another reason for this increase. During the same time period, many states relaxed their motorcycle helmet laws.

Helmets drastically reduce the likelihood of dying in a motorcycle accident. Riders wearing helmets are 37 percent less likely to die in a crash than riders without helmets, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That’s why many states still require motorcyclists to wear helmets. In New York State, all motorcyclists are required by law to wear helmets at all times.

Unfortunately, accidents happen. In New York, a total of 177 motorcyclists died in accidents in 2008.  Just recently, a motorcyclist was seriously injured on the New York Thruway near Buffalo when his motorcycle collided with a Jeep.

What would you do if you were injured in a motorcycle accident? Who would you call? Who would you trust? You need someone in your corner that will fight for your rights. You need someone who will work tirelessly to make sure you’re fully compensated for your injuries. You need the Law Offices of James Morris.

James Morris has years of experience defending the rights of motorcycle accident victims in New York State. We understand the law and know how to get the most for our clients. We also realize insurance companies often try to blame motorcyclists for causing the accident, even if it wasn’t their fault.

Don’t leave your future to chance. Take action. Contact James Morris today. We’re on your side.

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Child drowning serious problem in New York State. How to stay safe.

Children drown fast. In an instant, without warning, a child can be fighting for their lives in a stream or lake or swimming pool. Just recently, a 14-year-old boy died when he drowned in Lake Erie near Westfield, N.Y.

Sadly, children drown more often than you may realize. Among children 1 to 14 years old, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental deaths nationwide.  And among the 3,443 people who died nationwide from drowning in 2007, one out of five victims was under 14 years old.

Swimming pools are magnets for children on a hot, summer day. But children can drown just as easily in several inches of water in a bathtub. And for every child who dies from drowning, another four must be rushed to an emergency room for nonfatal injuries caused by being submerged under water.

Injuries sustained by children who survive a drowning can be severe and change their lives forever. Being submerged under water for just four to six minutes can often result in permanent brain damage.

Sometimes, children drown accidently. Other times, other people’s reckless behavior results in your child’s death or injury. That’s why laws exist requiring swimming pools to be fenced in. That’s why responsible adults put life preservers on children every time they ride in a boat. Accidents happen. Be prepared.

Every parent dreads experiencing such a horrific accident. We all believe we will share our entire lives with our children. Losing them in such a traumatic way can be shattering. Knowing what to do next can be baffling. We can help. We’re the Law Offices of James Morris.

Serving Buffalo and other communities throughout New York State, James Morris has years of experience representing children and their families. Don’t delay. Take action. Contact James Morris today. We’re on your side.

New York Attorney James E. Morris named one of the state’s top lawyers

Two top national organizations recently announced the inclusion of Attorney James E. Morris in two prestigious lists compiled annually of accomplished professionals.

The publication Buffalo Business First chose to include Attorney Morris in its annual Who’s Who in the Law for 2010. This prestigious publication honors the country’s top lawyers each year for their achievements.

Super Lawyers, a printed publication and on-line web site, also recently announced that Mr. Morris has been named a Super Lawyer 2010 for Western New York. Each year, Super Lawyers magazine recognizes attorneys in each state for their work based on interviews with their peers and independent research. Super Lawyers magazine publishes in all 50 states and reaches more than 13 million readers.

James Morris handled many significant cases to conclusion in 2009 and 2010, including a death action resulting from a tractor trailer cross over accident resolved in Federal Court for $1.55 million dollars and a serious construction accident resolved for $825,000 in New York Supreme Court. Past results do not guarantee similar outcomes.

James Morris has been a trial lawyer managing major personal injury and death cases for over 25 years. Let James Morris and the other highly-skilled personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of James Morris handle your case. Contact James Morris today. We mean business.

The information contained in this communication is provided for informational purposes only and should not be constituted as legal advice on any subject matter.