Another Victim of Impaired Driving

While the perils of drunk driving are apparent to everyone, the number of people who still commit this act is discouraging. In late December, an impaired driver claimed the life of a South Buffalo man just ten houses from the victim’s home. The driver, a West Seneca native, now faces upwards of seven years in prison, charged with driving while intoxicated and vehicular man slaughter. The victim was crossing a neighborhood intersection that he’d presumably passed an immeasurable number of times when the intoxicated driver struck. Paramedics rushed the man to the Erie County Medical Center where he died early the following morning.

Drunk-driving accidents can be prevented by both impaired drivers and pedestrians. If you’ve been drinking, avoid operating a vehicle at all costs, regardless of whether you’re below the legal limit. As a general rule, if you’ve had anything to drink, find a different ride home. For pedestrians, be aware that drivers do take the risk of driving impaired, so stay alert of your surroundings and avoid walking on roads, especially dim lit roads at night. If you’re interested in testing your BAC purely for informational purposes, consult the sources below:

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