New York school children safe? Get the facts. Be prepared.

We trust our schools. We rely on them to protect our children. We expect them to keep them safe. But accidents happen, often when we least expect them. Sometimes in the classroom. Other times just coming or going to school, especially in New York State, where roads can turn treacherous quickly in winter.

People especially need to be aware of children walking to school. Sometimes, children get distracted or caught up in the excitement of seeing a friend and unexpectedly dart out into a street. That’s when pedestrian accidents happen.

Sadly, a staggering number of pedestrians injured and killed are under 15 years old. In 2008, pedestrians sustained 69,000 injuries and 4,378 deaths in accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Those statistics include 15,000 injured and 316 killed under 15 years old.

The statistics are even more startling for bicycle injuries and deaths for children. Cyclists under 14 years old account for 24 percent of all bicycle-related deaths and 50 percent of all bicycle-related injuries.

Why so many accidents? Sometimes, children don’t pay attention while walking to their bus stop, riding a bike or walking to school. Other times, it’s the driver doing something besides driving. Texting while driving, talking on a cell phone, fiddling with the radio – all of these activities distract drivers and put us all at risk.

Accidents happen. Everyone feels sorry. But actions have consequences. Don’t let someone else’s irresponsible behavior ruin your family’s lives. You need a team you can trust to fight for your rights. You need the Law Offices of James Morris.

Serving clients throughout New York State, James Morris has years of experience defending families traumatized by accidents involving school children. We know how precious your children are to you. An accident can instantly change your lives. Let us do everything in our power to right any wrongs done to your children.

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