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Prevent a Bicycle Accident with Three Simple Tips

Spring is around the corner, which unfortunately means a surge in bicycle accidents. In 2009, over 600 bicyclists were killed in collisions on the open road, and another 50,000+ were injured according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA); an alarming bicycle accident statistic for those who plan to saddle up their bicycle and hit the pavement as the weather warms. Many bicycle accident injuries are preventable. Below you’ll find some tips and preventive measures to take to assure that you stay clear of a personal injury.

1. Wear a helmet!
Easily the most obvious tip for any bike rider, but also the most important. The Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute reported recently that 37 states require cyclists to wear helmets. The majority of these laws apply only to those under the age of 18. Another survey, conducted by the NHTSA, concluded that despite measures taken to increase bicycle safety, roughly 65% of bicyclists choose not to wear helmets. In 91% of bicycle collision deaths, the rider did not wear a helmet, according to the Institute of Highway Safety. Use your head, wear a helmet.

2. Pump your brakes.
Did you know that in many states, in addition to being a serious safety hazard, riding a bicycle without brakes is illegal? The cycle circuit comprises many types of bikes: single-speeds, 10-speeds, 21-speeds, mountain bikes, etc. A recent trend however, especially in highly urbanized areas, is fixed-gear bicycles: single-speed bikes with no traditional braking-mechanism. These bikes force riders to use their legs and feet to bring the bike to a halt, requiring an increased amount of focus and a quick reaction time. Save yourself some trouble and ride a bike with traditional brakes to prevent a bicycle injury.

3. Lighten Up.
This tip is especially useful for those night-crawling cyclists. If you take to the streets when the sun goes down, be sure that you’re visible to motorists. Wearable blinking reflectors are not only cheap and practical, but can also save your life. Clip one to your clothes or to the front/rear of your bike so drivers can identify you on dim lit roads.

Bike riding provides a great reason for you to get outdoors and enjoy nature to its fullest; keep it an enjoyable experience by following the tips listed above. Should you or a fellow rider suffer an injury from a bicycle accident, call an attorney in buffalo from a law firm with over 100 years of combined personal injury experience. Call James Morris Law, 716-855-1118.