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Clients often ask if they need a lawyer.

The recent New York case of Bronson v. Hansel is a clear example of why you need a lawyer.  Trudi Bronson was involved in an auto accident.  She had a property damage claim against the other driver and she had a neck injury.  She accepted $2000 after negotiations regarding the value of the damage to her vehicle.   Although she maintained that the insurance adjuster told her the Release she was given to sign was for the property damage only, the Release contained additional language concerning injuries.  Trudi had an MRI of her neck shortly thereafter and she was found to have a herniated disc in her neck.  Her injury claim was dismissed and the dismissal was affirmed on appeal, even though two of the appellate Judges on the panel believed she had signed the Release under the mistaken belief that she was only Releasing her property damage claim.
We all sign documents without reading the small print (I recall house closings in particular).  You have to call an attorney immediately after an accident to protect your rights.  In this case the insurance company enforced a Release obtained from her before she had a lawyer.  After an accident call a lawyer.  The initial consultation is usually without charge and levels the playing field with an insurance company.

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