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A Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Health Care Hazards

A trip to the doctor’s office means there’s a problem. Bum knee? Take some painkillers. Strep throat? Some antibiotics. Overbearing husband or wife? Well, you’re on your own for that one. Doctor visits are straight forward: you’re sick, he cures. But what happens when a doctor causes more harm than good? And how should you react?

Literally speaking, the health care industry delivers lethal blows every year. Negligence cases occur around every corner. Medical malpractice statistics from the American Journal of Preventive Medicine suggest that more than half a million people die yearly  from health care harm, rivaling the death rates of both cancer and heart disease. Causes range from fatal drug reactions (137,000 deaths), to misdiagnosis (100,000 deaths), blood clots (200,000 deaths) and facility-related infections (100,000 deaths). Doctors dub the majority of these negligence cases “iatrogenic,” meaning inadvertently caused by medical treatment or, more simply, just part of the job. Some doctors even blame patients, citing noncompliance with medical advice or lack of responsibility for personal health as reasons for patient mortality. In a medical malpractice complaint, Rarely do you hear an M.D. hold him or herself accountable.

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Unfortunately, no established system exists for collecting proper data on wrongful deaths caused by health care hazards; health care organizations don’t often reveal when they make a mistake.  According to a 2011 Health Affairs study, when a doctor or nurse does own up to a mistake, self-reports disclose a trifle of the actual complications that occur. Health care hazards produce grieving families with few places left to turn.

If you’ve been a victim of a wrongful death due to health care hazards, or have a medical malpractice complaint don’t let it impede your happiness or search for justice any longer. Report medical malpractice by calling James Morris Law today, 716-855-1118.