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Seatbelt usage on the rise in New York State. What’s driving the increase?

Many people automatically put on a seatbelt when they get in a car. It wasn’t always this way. And while seatbelts save lives, seatbelts are not always perfect.

As seatbelt use has increased, the fatality rate for car accidents has declined. In 1994, just under 60 percent of motorists wore seatbelts. That year, the fatality rate for car accidents was 1.4 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, the standard measurement for accidents. By 2006, the fatality rate dropped 21 percent to 1.1 deaths and 80 percent of motorists wore seatbelts.

What changed? The rise in seatbelt use coincides with tougher seatbelt laws in many states throughout the country. States like New York have primary enforcement seatbelt laws. This means police in New York can pull someone over for not wearing their seatbelt and issue them a $50 fine. States with primary seatbelt laws report that 88 percent of motorists wear seatbelts. States without such laws report that 75 percent of motorists wear seatbelts.

But seatbelts aren’t perfect. Sometimes, a defective design can leave a seatbelt not functioning right. A gifted young professional baseball player, Brian Cole, was killed when his Ford SUV rolled over and his seatbelt failed to hold him in place. An investigation found that Cole had his seatbelt on at the time. Recently, a jury ordered Ford to pay Cole’s family $131 million, claiming the seatbelt did not operate correctly and contributed to Cole’s death.

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