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Motorcycle Helmets in Western and Upstate New York Lower NY State Costs and Biker Accident Injuries

It makes sense that there are a lot of motorcyclists in Upstate and Western New York because it’s an ideal area for bikers, with miles of scenic, meandering roads that are great for both long and short road trips.  Because the universal helmet law applies in New York State, and all bikers are required to wear helmets, motorcycle accident injury rates are lower than they are in than states where helmets are not mandatory for all.  Thanks to a new study by the Center For Disease Control, we also now know that NY State has more money in its budget because of its helmet law. Trading biker head injuries for cash—now that’s a good deal.

The CDC research focused on motorcycle accidents and the effects of helmets purely in terms of state budget. From 2008 to 2010 they surveyed biker accidents across the country in order to establish how much each state saves when motorcycle drivers and their passengers are wearing helmets, and the results are impressive.

According to the study, over $3 billion was saved in 2010 alone, with total costs saved due to helmet use ranging from $2.6 million in New Mexico to $394 million in California. Economic costs saved from helmet use per registered motorcycle ranged from $48 in New Mexico to $1,627 in North Carolina, with a median of $286. In Western and Upstate New York, the savings was approximately $650 per registered motorcycle, over twice the national average of savings.

The experienced attorneys at the law offices of Buffalo, New York personal injury lawyer James Morris hope everyone will make note of the core message in the CDC study, which is that lives are saved thanks to helmet use. That the state saves millions of dollars each year because of NY State helmet laws is gravy.  There is caution in this good news, however, which is that bikers wearing helmets are not guaranteed complete motorcycle safety and must always drive defensively in order to avoid reckless and negligent car and truck drivers.

Nationally, says the CDC, helmets lowered deaths by 37 percent for motorcycle drivers and 41 percent for passengers, and that meant 1,544 fewer motorcyclist fatalities in 2010. Over 40 percent of motorcyclists killed in accidents between 2008 and 2010 were not wearing a helmet, says the CDC report. In states where helmets are not required, 79 percent of the motorcyclists killed were not wearing one, compared to 12 percent in states where helmets are the law.

They say money talks, so let’s hope these statistics are positive and powerful enough to inspire more states to introduce universal helmet law legislation. Hopefully, the CDC study will also motivate bikers who still choose to jump on their motorcycles without protective headgear think twice next time.

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